Who We Are

If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you love our awesome shirts and want to learn more about how we got started. If not, it’s probably because you think our shirts are dumb and you’re wondering who in the world thought it’d be a good idea to make them. If your reason isn’t the latter, we’d probably have a really great time getting lit off bottles of champagne at the bar and eating pizza at 4:00am in the Uber ride home together.
Whatever your reason may be, our mission is this: We make shirts with our favorite music lyrics and catchphrases on them because we think they’re funny. We also DGAF whether other people think they look ridiculous or not. Simply put, if you had to look up the meaning of “DGAF” on Urban Dictionary, then our shirts probably aren’t for you.
We’re here for the people who like to have fun in life and aren’t worried about the naysayers. Whether you’re looking for a shirt that will turn heads at a concert, a tank top that will stop babes at the pool, or a hat that will cover up the bed-head when you’re hungover AF at brunch on a Saturday morning, we’ve got you covered.

Enough about us. Get back to doing hoodrat things with your friends. And buy like 50 of our shirts. Thanks.
For inquires on orders, blog collaborations, and all other matters please contact:

Phone: (123) 456-7890

Email: mail@example.com